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Processing method of acrylic props

       In the current society, Acrylic Props products are used in all walks of life It is very extensive, acrylic props products appear in our daily life in a variety of forms, acrylic products play a very important role; today's extraordinary acrylic products Xiaobian will introduce the processing methods of acrylic products.

1. Acrylic Props Processing Method - Laser Cutting:

       Acrylic Products Laser cutting is a cutting method that does not require contact with acrylic products. Laser-cut acrylic can process a variety of patterns, words, etc.; acrylic laser cutting technology uses a laser beam to illuminate the surface of the acrylic sheet, and then the laser emits high energy to instantly melt the acrylic product. Using laser cutting and processing acrylic products, it can be cut into various very complicated patterns, characters, logos, etc. After cutting, the acrylic products can be processed by acrylic to restore the high transparency that the acrylic products themselves should have.

2, acrylic processing methods - opening:

      (1) acrylic products can be directly used to drill the hole, compared to ordinary glass, acrylic Has very good machining characteristics. According to the requirements on the drawings of acrylic products processing, it can be directly fixed on the drill bed, and the holes can be directly positioned.

     (2) Acrylic products can also be punched with CNC, so that the acrylic products processed have very high accuracy, we only need to input various drawings on the computer. Parameters, and then use the computer to control the CNC machine to locate the acrylic products.

3, acrylic processing methods - polishing:

        Acrylic products have high transparency and can be compared with crystals, so we need to polish acrylic products to restore the crystal transparency and texture of acrylic products, and the acrylic polishing method can use traditional cloth polishing. Diamond polishing and fire polishing can also be used. The order of the diamonds is generally: after the diamond is polished; in the use of fire to remove the burrs of the corners, the acrylic products become more round and smooth; finally, the cloth wheel polishing is used, and after the cloth wheels are waxed, they can be thrown. More than 95% transparency.

4, acrylic processing methods - hot bending (bending):

        Acrylic products will soften at 60 ° to 80 °, Therefore, using acrylic hot bending technology, acrylic products can be made into various forms that we need. Acrylic hot bending can be achieved in different ways. At the same time, many acrylic sheets can be placed on the acrylic hot bending machine and the setting die for hot bending. Most of the acrylic products are bent by single line or parallel line. Hot bending, the angle of hot bending can be controlled as needed.

5, Acrylic Product Processing Method - Bonding:

       Adhesive bonding is a very important acrylic processing process, it needs to rely on Manual processing, so the work experience of acrylic products processing technicians is particularly important at this time; the bonding process of acrylic products must be strictly controlled, not only to bond the position of the acrylic product design, but also to stick and foam. The bonding is not strong, and the quality of the acrylic products processed through such strict control will be guaranteed.

6, Acrylic Product Processing Method-Assembly:

       Acrylic product assembly is to combine all kinds of processed acrylic parts and then complete A complete acrylic product.