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Acrylic swimming pool category

  ;      Baby Pool is a swimming pool specially designed for infants under one year old. Currently, many baby swimming pools are made of acrylic materials. Today, we will introduce several types of acrylic swimming pools.

       Acrylic swimming pool is highly transparent, inexpensive, and easy to process Etc. It is a commonly used glass replacement material. Acrylic sheet (acrylic sheet) can be divided into pure transparent board, color transparent board and translucent board (such as color board) according to light transmittance; according to surface gloss, it can be divided into high-light board, mercerizing board and matting board (also called grinding board). According to the P performance, the acrylic sheet can also be divided into other ordinary boards, impact resistant boards, UV resistant boards, and smoldering boards. Wear plates, etc. Pure new material transparent acrylic sheet has excellent UV resistance, no yellowing, no fading, no light, no cracking in 10 years; light transmittance is more than 92%, cross section is transparent and colorless; surface hardness is high and comparability is good. For aluminum and brass; excellent crack resistance and chemical properties; provides a high quality protective film. Sufficient protection.

       Common acrylic swimming pool uses resin fiber and modern advanced technology, seamless, one-time molding, smooth surface, hard and light, with insulation, antibacterial, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, etc. Features. Suitable for fixed size swimming pools in hospitals and swimming pools. The transparent acrylic swimming pool is a personalized product that has recently been launched. It has a high technical content and is a fashionable product with independent intellectual property rights and patent rights. This is the first in the baby swimming treatment market. This new series of transparent acrylic baby swimming pools are made from transparent acrylic. It has good explosion-proof performance under strong, high and low temperature. No explosion, no breakage, no deformation, good insulation performance. Effectively protect the relative safety of the baby in the swimming pool.

       Transparent Acrylic Baby Pool The overall design adopts a streamlined structure, fully considering ergonomics, making consumers more comfortable to use, and making the baby fun during use. In addition, the transparency of the pool is combined with the transparency of the water. The babies are surrounded by the endless sea, feeling the exquisite beauty of the swimming pool and the vivid reproduction of individual art. The baby in the swimming pool has a wide view. They can also see babies in other swimming pools. It can effectively reduce the tension, depression and loneliness of the baby swimming, make the baby swim more happier, reduce the baby's crying, and reduce the labor intensity of the medical staff.

      After reading the above introduction, I believe that you have a better understanding of the acrylic swimming pool. You can take your child to swim in the hot summer.