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Architectural highlights of the aquarium

Architectural highlights of the aquarium
Compared with general engineering buildings, the construction of aquarium has its own particularity. It is not as simple as considering a general building structure. The construction of the aquarium has received more consideration in life support systems and recycling equipment. Mainly reflected in the technology and equipment of the exhibits and the maintenance of the exhibits. The first floor of the Aquarium is mostly waters such as performing arts pools, swimming pools, shark pools, whale ponds, conch pools, conservation pools, storage tanks, fire fighting pools, etc., requiring cleanliness, temperature and depth of various parts of the water body (mainly seawater and fresh water). The difference is that it constitutes a huge water treatment electromechanical system. The main body of the equipment technology of the aquarium is discussed. Most of the building space in the aquarium is occupied by equipment (about 10% of the total floor area). In addition to the power distribution, cooling, fire protection, ventilation, lighting and other systems required for general buildings, a very important equipment system is the water treatment system (including the life support system).

The conservation and medical treatment of marine animals is also an essential facility for aquarium projects. For different animals and different diseases, the maintenance pool must be separated or even a separate isolation pool. The location of the animal hospital is very important. The design of the government exhibition hall is to keep the isolation of the aquarium and to be convenient and quick. To this end, it is necessary to set up underground passages between the three areas of animal display and performance, maintenance and medical treatment, and rationally design and configure the circulation, elevation and water quality of the water bodies in the passage. The display of animals requires a large amount of transparent material, which has good transparency, clarity, and small deformation. Wherever there is a marine pavilion design company, it must be able to withstand tremendous water pressure. Wall-type and cylinder-type marine animal display, the outer packaging of the aquarium, generally has a height of two or three floors, huge water body pressure, and it is required to display the body wall thickness to 0.5m or more. The ordinary glass is heavy and not It is safe, so acrylic is widely used in the aquarium.
The space treatment of the construction of the aquarium shall be based on the physical function requirements of the aquarium, such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, etc., to determine the different layer height changes in each area; in order to ensure the sunshine time of the marine animals, the roof opening and lighting shall be reasonably set, and This is often contradictory to the treatment of indoor temperature and humidity. This part of the mechanical action, the aquarium life support system, is completely controlled by the computer.