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The use and working principle of aquarium fish tank filter

Aquarium fish tank filter use

As a friend who has probably raised fish, the aquarium filter is a device designed to purify water and supply oxygen to fishing gear. the purpose is:

First, in order to remove waste such as feces in the water.

Second, in order to keep the water clear, oxygen, no harmful substances, no pollution, create a comfortable environment suitable for fish growth.

How the fish tank filter works

As a fish tank filter, there must be two or more types of filtration. At present, the main methods of filtration include physical filtration, biochemical filtration, chemical filtration, and adsorption filtration. As long as the power is inserted, it can work continuously. Next, Xiaobian will introduce the principles of various filtering methods.

Physical filtration: Mechanically separate larger particles from the water. For example, the remaining feed pellets, dead fish bones, excretions, secretions, vomit, body surface mucus, etc., generally use sponge, spray cotton, fine mesh nylon mesh, brown leaf fiber, and the like. Usually set at the initial end of the filtration system for easy cleaning.

Biological filtration: Bacterial bacteria are cultivated by bacteria to decompose harmful elements such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and the like. Commonly used filter materials are: biochemical ball, ceramic ring, glass ring, coral sand, etc. (the most important filtration method is to maintain the ecosystem)

Chemical filtration: Removal of impurities from water with chemical reagents. The agents used include water stabilizers, flocculants, algaecides, protein decomposers, deodorants, and the like.

Adsorption filtration: It is a high-carbon content such as wood, coal, shell, animal bone, etc. It can adsorb proteins, trace elements, decolorize, deodorize, and even ozone molecules can be absorbed by it. Fish urine, algae and drugs in the water can also be absorbed by fish. Because nitrifying bacteria must live in cotton, glass rings or sand with flowing water, the filter should be turned on for 24 hours.

Filtration equipment is very important for the aquarium. A suitable filter can reduce the amount of water in the aquarium while also providing a good water quality environment for the fish. If you have other questions about the aquarium, you can contact the natural aquarium to solve the filtering and other related problems.