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Construction points of the aquarium project

Construction points of the aquarium project

The protection and medical care of marine animals is also a necessary facility to consider in the Maritime Museum project. For different animals and diseases, the protection pool must be separated or even a separate isolation pool. The location of the animal hospital is very important. The design of the government pavilion must not only keep the aquarium isolated, but also convenient and fast. Therefore, it is necessary to set up underground passages between the three areas of animal exhibition, performance, maintenance and medical treatment to rationally design and configure the circulation, elevation and water quality of the water body in the passage. Animal exhibits require a large amount of transparent material that not only has good transparency, clarity and distortion, but also withstands enormous water pressure. Wall and cylindrical marine animal exhibits and aquarium outer packaging structures generally have two to three levels of height and large water pressure. The thickness of the exhibits is required to be greater than 0.5 m, and ordinary glass is heavy and unsafe, so acrylic is widely used in aquariums.

The space treatment of the aquarium building should be based on physical functional requirements such as temperature, humidity and ventilation. In order to ensure the sunshine time of marine animals, the lighting and lighting of the roof should be reasonably set, which is often inconsistent with the treatment of indoor temperature and humidity. This part of the mechanical role, the aquarium survival system, is completely controlled by the computer.

The main function of the aquarium is divided into seven large curved swimming pools, which are the main performance pool and temporary cultural pool of marine animals. The wall of the intermediate performance pool consists of four arcs with circular and elliptical walls on both sides. The water body is large and requires high wall integrity. Other pavilions include: Polar Pavilion, Tropical Sea Animals Pavilion, Penguin Pavilion, Sand Fish Pavilion, and Turtle Pavilion.

Theme indoor performance venue: curved wall positioning technology: using a total station, acrylic plate which is good, it has the ability to work with coordinates. In actual work, for some 3D coordinates lofting, you can use AutoCAD to build a digital model. First, we used a programmable calculator to simulate and test the price of acrylic sheets on a computer autocad platform. After the test procedure is correct, the acrylic can be used for stakeout on site. For the open-air point line, you can directly use the coordinate lofting function of the total station, input the construction coordinates of the required stakeout point into the total station, acrylic tank manufacturer, and get the correct stakeout point correctly.

Curved steel formwork design and installation technology: Under normal circumstances, the tank construction should consider the use of fixed steel formwork, considering the wall waterproofing requirements, aquarium engineering, template bolts using three-stage water stop bolts.