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The attraction of aquarium engineering

The attraction of aquarium engineering

Psychologists have shown that human beings are full of primitive desire for water and everything in it. Therefore, whether in the home or in other large public places, even if the decoration and layout are expensive and luxurious, if there is a corner of the aquarium, it is always a very attractive place. In order to attract the attention of diners, Beijing Jingcheng Haibawang Restaurant has set up a large aquarium with meters, meters and meters wide to raise coral fish, turtles and sharks to attract the attention of diners and the media. At the Singapore airport, the aquarium that allows divers to perform is a local sign. Alaska's larger casino, the American casino, has a huge aquarium landscape of one meter and one meter high, and many tropical coral fish are farmed as casino scenes. When Leonardo and the heroine in Romeo and Juliet first met, they shared a beautiful aquarium. On the other hand, the aquarium attracts people because the buoyancy of water offsets the gravity of the earth. It looks relaxed, natural, with a natural aristocratic atmosphere. Compared with other pets, dogs, cats, birds, insects and even some people, such as bears and tigers, there is no smell, no manure to clean up, no inappropriate call will not run around in the north, in terms of increasing air humidity Greater, so you can enter a room that suits most renovations. The lighting effect of the aquarium landscape is very strange. The brightness and color of the aquarium-specific lamps vary widely. These rays are reflected by the refraction of water and glass in underwater landscapes, fish bodies and human vision. This effect is unique and can be said to be unparalleled in any other landscape.

The aquarium landscape also has a unique character: small and old. Handicrafts or hills will be dusty for a long time and difficult to handle. The landscape of the aquarium is glass, the water body is at every updated moment, so it is always bright and moving. The aquarium landscape itself is a multi-tone, multi-angle beautification function, so it will become a new fashion!