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Aquarium project brings you the language of arowana

Aquarium Project takes you through the language of the arowana

      ;   骨舌 fish is an ancient large-scale freshwater fish that existed as far back as the ancient Carboniferous more than 300 million years ago. Later, as the movement of the earth's crust gradually dispersed them across the world's continents, it is now widely distributed and can be found in Asia, South America, Australia and Africa. Because of its majestic appearance, the body is long and necessary, the scales are more metallic, and they are good at jumping out of the water and preying on small insects. It resembles a dragon in Chinese mythology, so it is commonly known as arowana 

        Arowana has been respected by the upper class since ancient times, because in China, the most auspicious animal is the "dragon". The dragon was only a totem that the emperor could enjoy in ancient times. The arowana also heard a legend saying that this arowana can replace the owner to bear the disaster and is the master's loyal guardian. Such a legend has more positively stimulated the upsurge of raising arowana.  

Arowana can be subdivided into: Asian arowana, American arowana, Australian arowana, and African arowana.

  When the arowana swims in the water, it can be found that there are a lot of body language. The following is a good aquarium small piece to take a look at the language of the body: 

1, round and round grinding cylinders 

usually means to attract or be attracted by foreign objects (people, things, things).  

2, round and round grinding cylinders 

represents the state of urgency. It may also be caused by poor water quality, loneliness, too small an environment, more ferocious fish, or other external factors.  

3, low sound  

emits a sound similar to a cow, and adult fish wants to fall in love. An act of intimidation or unhappiness.  

4, drum throat bag 

One of the acts of intimidation or unhappiness.  

5, yawning 

Occasionally occurs when eating too much or being bored. However, if the frequency is too frequent, it is necessary to check whether the dissolved oxygen in the water is insufficient.  

6, sinking bottom 

usually due to fright, in vivo, worms, poor water quality, eating too much, stomach upset, etc. occur. But sometimes it is a precursor to the onset of mold or scales.  

7, bouncing the body 

usually occurs when the food is too full and the food is adjusted. However, if the frequency is too frequent, it may be caused by in vitro worms.  

8, hiding 

is usually caused by frightening or unacceptable circumstances or more ferocious fish.  

9, rushing 

mostly caused by scare or chasing or in vitro worm or body damage (such as loach drill or food sting).  

8, fins 

mostly caused by frightening or poor water quality or illness.  

10, side tour 

mostly for the eye.