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Large acrylic fish tank manufacturers give you a new understanding of acrylic fish tanks

Large acrylic fish tank manufacturers give you a new understanding of acrylic fish tanks

With the increasing number of fish farmers, some valuable ornamental fish have gradually appeared on the market, and many families have begun to breed some valuable ornamental fish. However, these precious ornamental fish require a particularly harsh living environment. In order to maintain the good condition of the ornamental fish, you must choose a good aquarium. After all, this is where the fish depend.

There are many kinds of aquariums on the market today. In order to save costs, many manufacturers have replaced some materials to provide psychological comfort for some consumers who are looking for cheap. It can be said that this is a price that is worth the price. However, when choosing an aquarium, we still need to pay attention to the points, otherwise it is easy to do. In the future, raising fish will cause unnecessary trouble.

The material of the fish tank depends mainly on the quality of the glass. There are many kinds of glass fish tanks on the market today. Commonly used are ordinary glass, tempered glass, acrylic glass, ultra-white glass and so on. Faced with so many glass fish tanks, how should a novice friend choose? Here is a brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of various glass aquariums.

Ordinary glass is cheap, but not resistant to acid and alkali. If used for a long time, its transmittance is not particularly strong, and its impact ability is relatively low. The tempered glass aquarium is higher than ordinary glass in impact strength and bending strength, but the tempered glass should be balanced at the four corners, otherwise it is difficult to bear. Fragile products, especially if they are hit in any corner, will have granular symptoms, so Xiaobian does not recommend that you use these two materials of glass to make the fish tank; acrylic glass is not as fragile as ordinary glass, light weight, light transmission High rate, good stability and resistance to variation. Strong chemical corrosion and good processing performance. The performance can be thermoformed or machined, but there is a disadvantage that it is easy to scratch; ultra-white glass, so it is obvious that it has ultra-clear glass, ultra-white glass has low self-explosion rate, good air permeability, and also has all high quality float method. Machinability. But this glass is not scratched. Due to its high technology content, the production is difficult and the price is not expensive, which is several times that of ordinary glass.

Of course, there are many kinds of glass aquariums, and Xiaobian is no longer introduced one by one, but what kind of glass is better for aquarium? Xiaobian wants to say of course, this is based on the economic ability of your family to make decisions. If you are not poor, super white glass is definitely a good choice. If your economic ability is only normal, then the choice of acrylic glass is better, but this glass material will be washed for a long time. The brush will leave a scar and affect a certain degree of transparency. Xiaobian here needs to remind everyone that some merchants use acrylic materials on the edge of the aquarium and then knock out the aquarium for sale, so we don't want some merchants to be confused. When buying, we must polish our eyes.