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How to solve the problem of water turbidity in acrylic jellyfish cylinder

Acrylic jellyfish cylinder factory teaches you how to solve the problem of fish tank water turbidity? But before solving the water turbidity of the aquarium, there are several possibilities to understand the water turbidity of the aquarium:

1. Does the water in your tank change with new water every day? (Appropriate amount)

2. Has the new water exchanged into the aquarium been precipitated for 12 hours?

3. Does your fish tank have a lid, and if so, you have to open it. Because there may be chlorine in your water.

4. Your fish tank may be exposed to light for too long.


1. Keep the fish tank away from the sun and use a fish lamp to illuminate it.

2. Change the water every morning and evening. The amount of water pumped per time is one-fifth of the whole.

3. Add a filter to the aquarium.

4. There is a special filter for fish farming in the market.

How to use: Sprinkle the body evenly into the tank according to the proportion of your fish tank, and let the filter filter out impurities.

5. Regularly wipe the inner wall of the fish tank with cotton cloth.

There are three types of algae that are more common in aquariums: cyanobacteria, green algae, and yellow-green algae. Chlorella is a common algae in freshwater aquariums, and it is extremely diverse, mostly filamentous. It is shade-tolerant and can survive as long as there is a little light.

Although there are many ways to remove algae, there is no perfect method. It is still a method of algae treatment based on “prevention first, treatment second, comprehensive application”. If your tank is a bare tank that doesn't have a lot of water plants.

The method of removing algae is simpler:

1 Do not let the fish tank shine in direct sunlight.

2 control the honey quality of the fish, reduce the number of fish appropriately.

3 reduce the amount of bait.

4 change water frequently, but the amount of water change should not be too much.

5 Clean the dirt attached to the cylinder wall in time.

6 Enhance the filtration system of the aquarium to make it more efficient: