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Discussion on the process of processing acrylic products

        As the saying goes, "Good saddle is good Horse, good car with good sails, "I want to make a beautiful acrylic product, of course, good technology.....

       Technology this thing is mysterious, the same The same machine in the process, people make it better than you, of course, this is related to the age of the industry, the technology is honed, and the boutique is built.

Having said so much, and getting down to business, Coral Acrylic Showcases a beautiful Acrylic Products ProcessingWhat processes are needed to come out:

1. Unloading: Needless to say, who will not open the material? Look, don't be humble, a good starter can save a lot of materials for the factory. It can be opened according to the actual size of the acrylic products, without wasting materials, saving the virtues of the Chinese nation;

2. Diamond throwing: The size of the material to be cut out will be counted in the inside. The size is not accurate enough. Sometimes the aging sheet of the saw blade will have dog teeth and raw edges. You don't have to worry, the diamond throw is solved. Problem;

3. Bonding: Bonding is a technical job. Acrylic products bonded by a good bonding worker have no bubbles, no glue, no dirt;

4. Polishing/Fire Polishing: Acrylic transparency is above 92%. After the edge polishing, the entire acrylic product is crystal clear and round and sleek;

5. Packaging: Everyone knows that acrylic is easy to scratch, If you don't think about it on the packaging, you may have to doubt the strength of the factory when you get the goods. Generally, the packaging of acrylic products will be packaged separately with stretch film or PE bag, and then add the protective dragon and carton according to the actual needs. So that is even logistics You don't have to worry about the damage of acrylic products.