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What are the characteristics of the baby's acrylic swimming pool

       Baby Acrylic swimming pool is officially known as fiberglass reinforcement Plastic (structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, color) swimming pool (acrylic is the homonym of English ACRYLICE). Talk to the designer before customizing the fish decoration and design the inside of the fish tank? Fully integrated into the overall decoration of the family. Many large-scale aquariums made by manufacturers have been measured at the factory, but they are not necessarily suitable for personal residence. The decoration style of each family is different. The purpose of purchasing aquarium is different. Some are like fish farming, some are for feng shui, some are In order to raise fish. No matter what, you can make the aquarium and their home decor. The same style? This is a very important hobby to meet your own needs and leave the fish at home. The surface layer is glass fiber and is located in the methyl-methyl-methyl-methyl-methyl-methyl-methyl-methyl-methyl counter-region and is reinforced with a special resin. The entire pie pool should have a uniform color, smooth surface, no delamination, bubbles and so on. The thickness of the top layer is generally more than 3 meters, and it is firmly bonded to the glass fiber without recording. Acrylic swimming pools have slow heat transfer, and due to good thermal insulation, contact on the surface of the body is not available; ice: feeling. Compared with steel or steel pool? There is another kind: warm, soft: feeling, not touching the body. Because of the good reworkability of acrylic, it is none other to make a luxurious massage.

        When installing the acrylic swimming pool, the bottom of the pool should be covered with yellow sand cement slurry (village material: powdery hydraulic inorganic glue). It can't be emptied, and it can only be broken by a few fulcrums. Large aquariums are available now. Are there many aquariums and forests? There are many types and many names? However, according to the shape of the analysis, it can be roughly divided into several types, such as rectangular, circular, chamfered, bullet-shaped, shaped fish tanks, and shaped fish tanks such as wall-mounted coffee tables. Avoid sharp and hard objects from bumping and rubbing when in use. Use a soft cloth and detergent when cleaning, and do not use a clean cloth. Once the hair is found, it can be restored with a soft cloth and a tooth sound.