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The large acrylic fish tank manufacturers teach you four signals of water quality deterioration

Large Acrylic Aquarium Factory Teaching you four signs of water quality deterioration

        First raising fish, first raising water, this sentence should be a word that every player can recognize So what kind of water is a good water? It is estimated that few people can give an accurate answer, but what kind of water is recycled water, we can still distinguish by some phenomena.

The following coral company will give you a four-point bad water signal that can directly reflect the water quality problem, especially For inexperienced novices.

1. There is foam on the water.

If this happens on the surface of the acrylic fish tank, we should be careful, this is often a precursor to water changes. There are many reasons for this, such as large feeding, high fish density, long time without water change, and long time without washing cotton.

        In this case, the fish is unlikely to die, but not far from the bad water. If you don't control it, the fish will have problems sooner or later. Although the oil film can solve this problem, it is by no means a better solution. If this happens, the water will change continuously for three days and a quarter of the fish will be able to process it daily. If the water change can only be temporarily relieved, it should be considered that the filtration is too small or the feed is too large.

2, water has odor

        The smell of water can basically acknowledge the problem of water quality. Normal water should be bright, slightly fishy, and even tasteless. But if it is pungent (ammonia, chlorine) or fishy smell, you should carefully estimate the water quality to this point, the basic fish should be abnormal. The solution to this problem is to change the water, which requires a lot of water.

3, protein worms

       The outbreak of protein worms is generally caused by water and fertilizer, especially when excessive bait is in the filter cotton When it is on or in the corner of the filter cartridge, it may break out overnight. Whether it is a protein worm crawling on the cylinder wall or a silkworm swimming in the water, it is an organism. The hazards of protein worms are not known, but they can sometimes cause fish. The child's cleaning cylinder, the fish's cleaning cylinder is simply infected with the surface, so Songzi feels that this kind of thing can be eliminated, and the effect is very beautiful.

4. Ornamental fish abnormalities

       The more serious victims of water quality deterioration are natural fish. If there is a problem with the water quality, the performance of the ornamental fish is very straightforward. The lighter the color, the lower the appetite and the heavier the face-to-face squat. The performance of various diseases may also appear at any time.

        Therefore, when performing routine maintenance, you must carefully observe the condition of the fish. In fact, many fish diseases are discovered early, and can only be solved by controlling temperature and moisture, and can only be found in fish.

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