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Design of aquarium filtration system customized by acrylic jellyfish cylinder

Aquarium filtration system design for large acrylic fish tank manufacturers

(1) Design a reasonable physical filtration area and match a reasonable physical filter material: It has been proved that the physical filter material white cotton needs to reach a certain thickness and thickness to improve physical retention. If the thickness of the white cotton is not enough or the water flow is too large, the feces will pass directly through the physical filtration zone, causing physical interception losses.

(2) Reducing the intensity of sewage flow: Only by reducing the intensity of sewage flow can the physical interception capacity be enhanced. At the same time, the effective utilization rate of white cotton has been improved. In general, increase the opening density of the rainwater pipe or directly use the shower plate to evenly distribute the sewage flow rate and reduce the flow intensity. Under the action of strong current, the residue of the biological filter material and the fish manure does not enter the biological filter material zone through the white cotton.

(3) Abandon water to soak the filter, choose dry and wet separation and filtration: white cotton is completely immersed in water, which will weaken the physical interception. The contaminated white cotton will hide the dirt and will destroy the whole water body soon. Two years ago, I worked in two Arowana stores for a while in order to meet the desire to cultivate more Arowana. One of them is immersion filtration, which kills more than 20 agaves a year. He died of scales caused by visceral infections caused by the same cause.

(4) Use of turbulence: Since the advent of turbulent filtration, this powerful water treatment method has been favored by many aquarium enthusiasts. Due to sufficient aeration, dissolved oxygen increases and the nitrification system is more robust. Carbon dioxide is easy to escape, prolonging the acidification cycle of water, and is more suitable for feeding large fish. However, the disadvantages of dripping are also obvious. The tall aquarium is behind the aquarium and lacks the beauty it deserves. Without sufficient height, it is difficult to take full advantage of the advantages of turbulent filtration, so it is difficult to make full use of the advantages of turbulent filtration in the bottom filtration. Unless you sacrifice one side of the tank, let the overflowing water flow into the water.

(5) The physical filtration zone should be designed to prevent spillage. The original intention of the perfect filtration design is to create good water quality and reduce the intensity of feeding and management. Therefore, the physical filtration zone needs to be provided with an anti-blocking overflow zone to prevent accidents in the future.