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How much does it cost to build a large aquarium project?

Large Aquarium Project How much does it cost to build a      

        The general cleaning method is to soak the salt water in the aquarium, dump it in the next two days, and then repeat it once. Hey, it takes only four days to clean the fish tank, so you must not buy the fish and the fish tank. The water in the fish tank is dirty, and the fish will simply die. If the water is dirty, it must be dealt with in time to avoid the consequences of not saving. If you want to deal with it, there are still methods. Fish tanks should be filtered frequently, insisting on changing water every day, staying away from the sun, raising some water plants in the aquarium, and so on. The fish tank will become an ecological paradise, and the water quality will naturally become clear. When the aquarium is cleaned, it is necessary to pour the tap water into it and then expose it to the sun. This will increase the oxygen content in the water.

       Marine culture theme The project has a mature experience and good performance in the aquarium, aquarium, indoor super large display aquarium, and aquaculture facilities. In the project's investment planning, planning and architectural design, interior and exterior decoration design, aquarium life system design and construction, underwater imitation of natural ecological environment design and construction, art sculpture and so on. The club has designed and built large-scale display fish tanks or seafood storage ponds, which have won unanimous praise from customers for their unique creativity, novel design and quick construction. Rich seafood pool design and production experience and innovative design concepts, first-class technical work, beautiful visual enjoyment, unique taste and connotation enjoy a broad market reputation.

      Firmness: The aquarium cylinder commonly used in the aquarium is made of glass and acrylic. In order to withstand the huge water pressure, it is necessary to choose the appropriate thickness to make one. The safe aquarium cylinder, the thickness of the tank wall of the fish tank that exceeds one meter is good to reach 1CM, and so on. Of course, if the finished acrylic cylinder is better. Shape: Common aquariums have rectangular, square, round, polygonal shapes, etc., which can be selected according to personal hobbies, uses and home environment. Length: The length of the aquarium can be selected according to the purpose of the display. The normal size and the size of the lamp can achieve good results and economic benefits.

      The Ocean Pavilion wants to raise the biomass well, the key is that the water quality is good. I think everyone will agree with it. So what kind of water quality is good? No matter what system, equipment, or method, you only need to be satisfied with the following requirements for a long time, and your water quality will not be too bad. Temperature is extremely important, but generally we have no problem. We can do it easily with heating and cooling. It is certain that one job is if the ambient temperature will reach 29 degrees or more, then the chiller is necessary. It doesn't matter if another thermometer is 1 degree 2 degrees. You can adjust it to 25 degrees, because even if the error is 23 degrees and 27 degrees, it is the same. We have no problem with salinity. In this range, there is no big problem with the creatures. If the salinity is subtle, you don't need to be nervous. Don't add salt directly to the tank. Just change the salinity of the new water when you change the water next time.