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Equipment and online monitoring of acrylic swimming pools

        Now all walks of life have entered the era of intelligence, Acrylic swimming pool industry is no exception, previously required manual monitoring and inspection of water quality, time-consuming Laborious, the current acrylic water quality testing is no longer so cumbersome, swimming pool equipment operation and water quality online monitoring system can keep equipment running and water quality healthy.

       Intelligent monitoring of swimming pool hardware facilities including swimming pool water treatment systems, lighting systems, water level systems, water quality monitoring systems and other main control systems and subsystems (including pumps, Valves, control programs) to achieve online monitoring, data storage and control, fully support the mainstream ipad, iphone, Android mobile phone and other browsing methods. The operation of various devices can be seen at a glance, which greatly saves maintenance time.

       The summer swimming pools are full of people, most people are worried that the water quality is not up to standard, and some swimming pools are only reluctantly corrected when the health department checks. Increased the workload of the health supervision department and the degree of concern of swimmers. After this phenomenon, you don't have to worry about it. The water quality online monitor will extract and analyze the pool water, and obtain the water temperature, PH value, turbidity, residual chlorine and other data, and transmit it to the public place health monitoring data every two minutes. The platform enables the health supervision department to control the changes in swimming pool water quality throughout the 24-hour period. In view of the society's dynamic attention to water quality and the diversified needs of users' browsing methods, a unified monitoring data release platform was established, and the swimming pool water quality monitoring data was released to the society in a timely and accurate manner through the swimming pool information module. The platform fully supports the mainstream ipad, iphone, Android mobile phone and other browsing methods, and supports the mobile terminal to scan the QR code to directly open the wap address display, and the swimming pool water quality monitoring data can be obtained by simply clicking on the mobile phone. Is there anything more reassuring than this?

       The development of the industry is to meet the needs of consumers, quality assurance can go longer. Shanghai Yingquan Leisure Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the swimming pool industry for several years, focusing on customers and learning from practice. The current team has been able to provide one-stop service for swimming pool design, equipment supply and installation and after-sales.