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Acrylic props What are the characteristics of cold straight process?

        Acrylic PropsThe process is a household name. The processing technology of acrylic finished products has the processes of cutting, cutting, carving, trimming, grinding, polishing, cold, bonding, silk screen printing, etc., more acrylic products are necessary to enter the cold processing, such as Display stands, handicrafts, household items, etc., what are the characteristics of the cold process of acrylic finished products? First, we must understand the characteristics of a high-acrylic material.

The five characteristics of Acrylic:

 1. Qualcomm Brightness: Colorless and transparent plexiglass sheet, the light transmittance is over 92%.

2. Good weatherability: It is very adaptable to the natural environment. Even if it is in the sun for a long time, the wind and rain will not change its function, and the anti-aging function can be used outdoors. Use it with confidence.

3. Processing machine is good: it is suitable for mechanical processing and cold forming, whether the acrylic board is dyed, whether the contour is painted, silk screen or vacuum coating.

4. Excellent comprehensive function: Acrylic sheet is rich in variety, rich in color, and has excellent comprehensive functions. It provides designers with a variety of choices. Acrylic sheets are dyed and contoured. No paint, silk screen or vacuum coating.

5. Non-toxic: Even if it takes a long time to fight, it is harmful, and there is no toxic gas in the burning.

        Generally speaking, in addition to the cold processing technology, according to the shape of the acrylic finished product, the weekdays are divided into two types: the whole cold and the direct cold. As an amateur acrylic finished product processing factory, yesterday Tianya Intelligent Xiaobian introduced the similarities and differences between the two cold straight bodies for the masters in detail, and the interested friends did not understand high. The full cold is one of the most commonly used in the acrylic processing technology. The common one is to straighten the acrylic ice straight out of a curve, which is like a circle, a curved shape, etc. For example, if an acrylic is straight into a right angle but the cold is straight, the process is to use a high-temperature mold rod to melt the cold edge of the acrylic edge, and then use the external force to straighten the right angle, so that the incoming acrylic product The edge is the right angle of the smooth arc. The overall cold straight process is necessary to enter the oven, it is the whole piece of acrylic plate full of cold melt. It is necessary to put the acrylic finished product into the oven outside the overall cold history. When the temperature in the oven drops to a certain melting point, the acrylic sheet will gradually soften, and then it will be put in the mold, and the acrylic after the cold melts will be cold. The air will gradually harden and start to form. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the temperature of the oven must be grasped, and it cannot be lowered too high at one time. Acrylic finished products are dying in the shape of the shape after the cold and cold, whether it is cold and straight into what they want, the shape is sleek and beautiful, so nowadays many acrylic crafts are under construction and it is necessary to deal with coldness. It has been widely loved by people.