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Where does the water from the Aquarium of the Aquarium Project come from?

Where does the seawater in the aquarium come from? Is it sea? Jiangsu Coral Acrylic Technology Co., Ltd. Xiaobian answers your questions

        I believe no one is curious about the ocean that occupies more than two-thirds of the Earth's area. For a long time, biological and physical cycles have been as fascinating as black boxes. With the advancement of science and technology, people who want to learn about marine life can not only sail directly or sneak into the deep sea, but also have a sense of fear. Choose to go to the aquarium to see the real life of marine life on land.

      But the composition of seawater and terrestrial water is quite different. Aquarium Project How to ensure the normal survival of marine life in the aquarium? Can the water they use not be transported directly from the sea?

        First of all, in order to ensure the normal survival of organisms and ensure high quality water quality is indeed a big problem, if the aquarium is located on the edge of the coast, it is better to solve, Extract directly from seawater and then manually remove some harmful substances. B can be used normally. This method can greatly reduce the consumption of human resources and capital, and can also provide a better living environment for marine life.

      If the inland city wants to own the aquarium, the challenge will be even greater. A common solution is to extract important and effective substances from seawater, commonly referred to as sea salt, and collect them. Relevant personnel use this substance to artificially prepare seawater according to the actual proportion of various substances in seawater.

     After rigorous testing, it can be used in marine animal feeding environments. However, this relatively closed environment lacks a certain degree of self-purification. Manually dispose of waste such as manure, and regularly treat algae in the pool wall to ensure a good living environment and avoid the risk of biological health caused by bacterial and viral reproduction.

So in order to let more people know about marine life, the people involved have really spent a lot of effort.