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How to clean acrylic props

< p="">       Because of the excellent performance of Acrylic Props, it can be processed according to different processes with different sizes and shapes, so that acrylic props can be satisfied. Different products and usage requirements, so there are currently acrylic props in various fields. So, how should the products recommended by these acrylic sheet manufacturers be properly cleaned when used?

1, rinse with water

      Due to the strong electrostatic effect of acrylic sheet processing products, it is easy to adsorb some particulate matter onto the surface of acrylic sheet processed products. When cleaning the surface, it is important to avoid wiping it directly with a cloth as these particles can scratch the surface of the product during the wiping process. The correct way is to clean the surface of the acrylic product with water. If the product is not easy to clean, use feather dust to remove dust and particles.

2, using a soft detergent

       If the surface of the product processed by acrylic props is oily, it is impossible to use only dust particles. Clean water. In order to maintain the cleanliness of acrylic props, the soft detergent should be diluted before cleaning the surface of the product. Be careful not to use it. Cleansers containing particulates can be used to clean acrylic products, and detergents containing chemical agents should not be used.

3. Wipe the water with a soft cloth

      When cleaning the acrylic props with water, wipe the surface of the product with a clean soft cloth. When wiping, please pay attention to the cloth does not contain any particulate matter, so as not to scratch the surface of the acrylic sheet processing product during the wiping process.

        The above is the correct way to clean acrylic sheet processing products. Since acrylic products are now widely used, in order to maintain high transparency and cleanliness, in addition to purchasing quality products from high-quality acrylic sheet processing manufacturers, we also need to use the correct cleaning during use. Cleaning methods to avoid damage to acrylic sheet processing products.