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Precautions for acrylic products

After the processing of acrylic products is completed, you need to pay attention to four points:

First, the thermal deformation of ordinary acrylic sheets is stable at about 100 degrees. Therefore, when using acrylic products, pay attention to this temperature value. If the temperature is continued, the temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees.

Second, the surface hardness of acrylic products is equivalent to aluminum, so care should be taken to avoid surface scratching when using or processing acrylic products. If scratched, the original smooth surface can be restored by polishing.

Third, if the acrylic product is blurred or dirty due to slight scratches or dust adsorption caused by static electricity, wipe it off with a soft cloth 蘸 1% soapy water.

Fourth, since the acrylic sheet has a certain expansion coefficient, the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage coefficients of the acrylic sheet must be considered during installation, and the space gap existing during the installation of the acrylic sheet is taken into consideration. Shrinkage and shrinkage must remain in the assembly.

(1) Broken grinding method

The plexiglass pastes the plate-shaped plexiglass stack together, and then directly cuts the cross-section shape. The crafts made by this method can get a variety of colors and simple and natural effects.

(2) enthalpy method

The plexiglass is processed into a certain shape, and the plexiglass is heated, and the plexiglass is directly smashed and kneaded by hand. Some of these laws require that the composition of the composition be well-informed beforehand, and the action is agile. The crafts made by this method have the advantages of unconstrained lines and simple image. The above methods can be used interchangeably, according to the artistic request of the exterior design

(3) Pasting method

After cutting the plexiglass into a certain shape, it is pasted on a flat surface.

(4) Hot pressing method

After heating the plexiglass sheet, it is hot pressed in the mold. The handicrafts made by this type of appearance have the characteristics of full body, fluent curves, strong flatness and embossed effect. The hot stamping die can be shaped by wood and sludge, and then the lead and gypsum materials are used as the male and female molds, and the plexiglass can be pressed and formed after heating.