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Large acrylic fish tank manufacturers tell you about the performance of acrylic

Large acrylic fish tank manufacturers tell you the characteristics of acrylic:

Acrylic furniture is not yet fully popular in the Chinese market, and generally only uses high-end entertainment venues or high-end furniture markets. Acrylic home has the following advantages for your reference:
Acrylic furniture

First: transparent texture. The transparent acrylic sheet has a transparency of 92%, which is higher than ordinary glass and has a crystal luster. Due to the particularity of acrylic materials, the crystal structure of acrylic makes it known as "crystal furniture" in furniture products. Used to make acrylic tables, acrylic legs, etc.

Second: fashion personality. Easy to manufacture and process, sawing, planing and hot bending. A unique process requirement for a variety of furniture designs. In furniture design, the possibility of styling is greater, which makes the furniture designer more open to furniture materials.

Third: rich in color. Acrylic materials can be made into rich colors such as gold, silver, red, blue and brown according to the requirements of the color system of furniture products. Its bright colors will make your living room instantly lively. Acrylic furniture has become a "secret weapon" that will brighten up your living room immediately.

Fourth: durability characteristics. Acrylic resin has the characteristics of light weight, high surface hardness, heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation. Acrylic furniture looks durable. Acrylic has a real "connotation."

Fifth: environmental protection and recycling. Acrylic materials can be recycled, not polluting the environment, and saving the limited resources of today's society. It is a true green material.