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Common problems in custom processing of acrylic thick plates

Common problems in custom processing of acrylic slabs :

1. Can the extrusion plate be used on a laser cutting machine?

The extrusion plate can be cut with a laser machine, but considering the thickness of the plate, the required laser power is also different. The experience of the operator and different technical means will also affect the cutting. It is recommended that you try our template; The protection of our extruded sheets is usually covered with kraft paper or polyethylene film, when laser cutting is required. Generally, the double-sided PE film is used. Since the plate is covered with kraft paper, the laser cutting is easy to ignite and burn, which causes the board to be black; if there is a blackening problem, and it is not serious, it can be cleaned and polished.

2. How should the acrylic board be bonded?

The adhesion of acrylic sheets is mainly influenced by two aspects: the choice of adhesive and the bonding technique.

There are many adhesives on the domestic and international markets. There are two main types: one is a two-component, such as a universal adhesive, an epoxy resin; the other is a single component, such as CHCL3 (chloroform). Generally, two-component adhesives are bonded by a curing reaction, while one-component adhesives are bonded by final volatilization in a solvent.

The two-component adhesive has the characteristics of good bonding effect, no blistering, no blushing, and high strength after bonding. The disadvantage is that the operation is complicated, the difficulty is large, the solidification time is long, the speed is slow, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of mass production. Universal one-component adhesives are fast and meet the process requirements of mass production. The disadvantage is that the adhesive is easy to generate bubbles, whitening, and poor weather resistance, which directly affects the appearance and quality of the acrylic product. Therefore, in the processing of acrylic products, it is necessary to select an adhesive according to the desired effect. The skill of the connection is also important, although it is fast and easy to see, it also requires long-term practice and learning to complete the production of acrylic products; therefore, if our acrylic sheets are not well bonded, this may be glued or Problem with bonding skills,