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Water change for aquarium projects

The development of science and technology has brought many conveniences to people and created laziness. In general, large aquarium fish tanks have a very complete filtration system, and the simple design is to facilitate people not to change water. However, to say that there is no need to change the water for life, the current technology does not seem to have reached this level, but it is still very easy to change it once or twice a year.

The glass materials used in large aquarium fish tanks are float glass, ultra-white glass, or acrylic, acrylic in the current market applications. This material has good performance and high transparency. It is more convenient to see the scenery inside when watching the fish tank. Hardness is also strong, can be placed for a long time, what is the concept of this long time? Compared to ordinary glass, acrylic large aquarium fish tanks generally have a life expectancy of three years. Therefore, although the price of acrylic is more expensive, considering the future service life, the price/performance ratio of acrylic is still high and worthy of choice.

I believe that friends who like to fish will like to use a large engineering fish tank, so that the fish has a wide space for activities, and the beautiful places in the home are also very tall and wooden. However, in a good place with a large aquarium, the only thing that is bad is that changing the water is too much trouble, so everyone in the big aquarium feels headache and needs time.
Now let's teach the fishermen how to change the water for a big fish tank:
Large ecological fish tanks are hard to change, so it is generally not recommended to change all the water at once. The main reason is that when the fish adapts to the water quality in the aquarium, suddenly all the water will suddenly change the water quality, and the good old water environment will be destroyed, which is not conducive to the growth of the fish.
So how do you control the change in water volume? The fish steward tells you that large fish tanks should be filled with the type of fish, the number of fish and the filter conditions to determine the factors. When changing the water, you can use a straw to suck the bottom of the cylinder and add the right amount of new water.