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Acrylic props

Characteristics of acrylic props :
Acrylic cast sheet: high molecular weight, excellent stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance. This sheet is characterized by small batch processing, unmatched flexibility in color system and surface texture effects, and a full range of specifications for a variety of special applications.
Acrylic extruded sheet: Compared to the cast sheet, the extruded sheet has a lower molecular weight and a slightly weaker mechanical properties. However, this feature is advantageous for bending and thermoforming processing, and is advantageous for rapid plastic vacuum forming when processing large-sized sheets. At the same time, the thickness tolerance of the extruded sheet is smaller than that of the cast sheet. Since the extrusion plate is produced in large quantities and is inconvenient to adjust in color and specifications, the product specification diversity is limited.
Thermoforming has been one of the most creative uses of acrylic sheets for many years. With the improvement of processing technology and the variety and performance of products, compared with other traditional advertising signs, acrylic processing is more convenient and safe, and the cost performance of products is more reasonable.
First, weather resistance: Acrylic sheet has excellent outdoor weather resistance and can be considered as very good in all plastic materials. Under normal outdoor use conditions, the acrylic plate is designed and processed reasonably. After 10 years of use, its mechanical strength will not decrease, and the appearance will not change significantly.
Second, the opacity of the swatch: high-quality acrylic panels will be produced in accordance with strict quality standards to ensure that different batches and different panels have the same color. Since the color of the swatches is evenly distributed along the thickness of the entire sheet, the wear scar on the counter-plate surface will have some effect on the appearance color when illuminated.
The transmittance of most acrylic swatches will decrease as the thickness of the slab increases. For some marking applications, this effect may have an adverse effect - for example, swatches of different thicknesses are used at the same mark. When there is a significant color difference. In this case, it is conceivable to adopt some acrylic plates of fixed transmittance color, and although the thickness of the plates is the same, they exhibit the same color transmittance.
Acrylic sheet and profile: pipe rod, ordinary board, transparent board, colored board, textured board, solid flat board, multi-layer board, frosted board, tile board, impact board, special board, national standard board, extra thick board, color changing board.

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