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Acrylic round jellyfish cylinder
Acrylic round jellyfish cylinder
Acrylic round jellyfish cylinder

Details of the jellyfish tank of the aquarium project :

Filtration method: double-layer annular filter system (has taken national appearance patent and utility model patent)

Capacity: Specification 1 about 1600L Specification 2 about 2000L

Material: New material imported acrylic (commonly known as PMMA)

Light body: high brightness LED light - 16 colors (with remote control panel)

Pump power: 12V-300W (power supply voltage: between 110-240V)

Style: without thermostat interface / with thermostat interface

Panel color: black / white / yellow / red (default is black, other colors can consult customer service)

Cylinder features: large capacity, good circulation filtration system, non-absorbent mother, 16-color variable lighting, easy feeding, professional design for jellyfish.

Suitable places: aquarium, hotel, clubhouse, shopping mall, restaurant, living room, bedroom, office, front desk...

1. Jellyfish are poisonous and cannot be touched

In nature, it is true that some species of jellyfish are toxic, and even individual species are highly toxic (such as box jellyfish), but not all jellyfish are poisonous. The jellyfish jellyfish is a non-toxic species that is at the bottom of the bio-chain. Many animals in the world feed on it, such as sea turtles, sunfish or other large jellyfish. The jellyfish sold in this shop are all artificial hatching culture, the source can be traced back, you can feed with confidence.

2. Jellyfish are not easy to raise, it is easy to die

Due to the special physiological structure of the jellyfish, it requires a more special environment. Jellyfish are slow-moving creatures that excel in moving with water and filter small creatures in the water. The common fish tanks are mostly square or rectangular, and the four sides are dead corners. The jellyfish will be stuck inside. The filter pump in the fish tank is also a great threat to the jellyfish. The jellyfish's own swimming ability is not strong, and it is directly placed in the environment with water pump. In the middle, it is easy to be adsorbed into the water inlet of the pump, causing direct death; the other is the oxygen pump in the aquarium, which sprays a large number of bubbles in the water, and when the bubbles enter the jellyfish, the jellyfish cannot sink, and the bubbles are affected by buoyancy. May directly penetrate the jellyfish. Therefore, if you take the experience of raising fish to raise a jellyfish, you will encounter a lot of trouble.