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Hall acrylic jellyfish cylinder
Hall acrylic jellyfish cylinder
Hall acrylic jellyfish cylinder

Large acrylic fish tank manufacturers teach you the steps to open the cylinder

Jellyfish cylinder opening tutorial

1. Simply clean the glass jar with clean water;

2. Put the jellyfish and the water in the transportation into the tank together. The jellyfish can be put into the water spoon, or poured into the tank, taking care to avoid air bubbles;

3. Plug the power into the base, keep it open, and place the cylinder on it;

4. For 1.5L of new seawater, then change the jellyfish to half tank water;

5. After half an hour, the jellyfish can be fed when they become active.

The jellyfish tank cannot be directly aerated, but it requires a high and stable amount of dissolved oxygen. It needs a sufficient plankton water supply to feed the mother. The water flow cannot be excessive, but it requires 24H uninterrupted circulation.

Filtration method: double-layer annular filter system (has taken national appearance patent and utility model patent)

Capacity: Specification 1 about 1600L Specification 2 about 2000L

Material: New material imported acrylic (commonly known as PMMA)

Light body: high brightness LED light - 16 colors (with remote control panel)

Pump power: 12V-300W (power supply voltage: between 110-240V)

Style: without thermostat interface / with thermostat interface

Panel color: black / white / yellow / red (default is black, other colors can consult customer service)

Cylinder features: large capacity, good circulation filtration system, non-absorbent mother, 16-color variable lighting, easy feeding, professional design for jellyfish.

Suitable places: aquarium, hotel, clubhouse, shopping mall, restaurant, living room, bedroom, office, front desk...