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Double-decker acrylic pool
Double-decker acrylic pool
Double-decker acrylic pool

Acrylic swimming pool is favored by baby swimming pool

In the baby swimming pool, the acrylic swimming pool is popular among investors because of its beautiful appearance, durability and ease of use. There are usually several different types of baby acrylic swimming pools in a baby pool. These swimming pools look beautiful and give a very good visual experience. But what should I pay attention to when using the acrylic swimming pool? First of all, the acrylic baby swimming pool cannot exist in one place with other organic solvents. Do not touch organic solvents as they may be damaged when exposed to the surface of an acrylic swimming pool. During the transportation of the acrylic swimming pool, the surface protective film or protective paper cannot be scraped off because the complexity of the transportation process easily affects the internal materials of the acrylic swimming pool. Secondly, the temperature of the acrylic swimming pool should not exceed 85 degrees Celsius, which I believe should be easy to do. Another thing is to wash the acrylic swimming pool with 1% soapy water. Use a soft cotton cloth for the soapy water. Do not use hard or dry rubbing. Otherwise, the acrylic swimming pool surface is easily scratched. The expansion coefficient of the acrylic swimming pool is large, and the expansion gap caused by the temperature change should be reserved. The acrylic swimming pool can be used for about 5 years as long as it is used properly. Therefore, in the actual use process, special attention should be paid to the above points. I hope that in the process of using the acrylic swimming pool, investors can not only enjoy the advantages of the acrylic swimming pool, but also better maintain it and avoid the drawbacks of the acrylic swimming pool.

1. Install the acrylic baby swimming pool, you must use glass glue. If you accidentally stick the glass glue on the baby swimming pool, don't wipe it with a cloth, otherwise it will be more difficult to remove, and you can't wipe it with hard objects, which will lead to acrylic surface wounds. After the glass glue is dry, it should be taken off directly.

2, after the acrylic baby swimming pool is glued to the glass glue, the water cannot be tested within 24 hours, otherwise it will lead to water leakage.

3, should follow the principle of first put cold water after releasing hot water, can not be used in the environment above 80 degrees Celsius, if this temperature is exceeded, it will cause deformation of the acrylic baby swimming pool.

4. When cleaning in the acrylic baby swimming pool, do not wipe the acrylic surface with hard objects or abrasive cloth, otherwise it will cause minor burns.

5, can not be exposed to volatile products, such as paint, thinner, etc., otherwise the surface is easy to soften, or dissolved, leading to cracks and other phenomena.

6, can not be wiped with decontamination powder, decontamination powder has a certain role of corrosion acrylic, this will reduce the acrylic gloss effect.

7. The hardness of acrylic is equivalent to aluminum. If it is hard, it will be polished with a fine polishing paper and treated by car paint.

8. It is forbidden to use disinfectant, because the disinfectant has certain corrosiveness, long-term use will reduce the gloss effect of acrylic, avoid using disinfectant and use disposable swimming bag.