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Outdoor acrylic swimming pool
Outdoor acrylic swimming pool
Outdoor acrylic swimming pool

Acrylic swimming pool to smell - milk removal

We can use milk to remove odors. The specific method is that we can clean the acrylic swimming pool with detergent first, then pour the right amount of fresh milk in the acrylic children's swimming pool, then stir it with a brush, so that every corner of the acrylic children's swimming pool can be soaked in fresh milk. This method of fresh milk to smell is a bit extravagant, I hope everyone can choose according to their actual situation.

Orange peel to taste

The specific method is to clean the children's swimming pool with detergent, then put in the water, then sprinkle fresh orange peel in the water, so that it can be soaked for 4 hours, then brush the acrylic children's game pool.

Acrylic baby swimming pools cannot be placed in the same place as other organic solvents. It is even more inaccessible to organic solvents because it can be damaged when exposed to the surface of an acrylic swimming pool. Also, during the transportation of the acrylic swimming pool, the surface protective film or protective paper must not be rubbed. Because of the complexity of the transportation process, it is easy to affect the internal material of the acrylic swimming pool. Secondly, the use temperature of the acrylic swimming pool can not exceed 85 degrees Celsius, I believe this should be easy to do. Then there is only 1% soapy water when cleaning the acrylic swimming pool. Soak the soapy water with a soft cotton cloth. Do not rub or dry with a hard object. Otherwise, the surface of the acrylic swimming pool is prone to scratches. The thermal expansion coefficient of the acrylic swimming pool is relatively large, so it should be considered to reserve the expansion clearance due to temperature changes.