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Rectangular pool
Rectangular pool
Rectangular pool

Introduction to acrylic swimming pool maintenance methods

1. Deodorization method of milk: first clean with detergent, then pour fresh milk into the children's swimming pool, shake it, so that every corner of the swimming pool is exposed to milk. After about half an hour, then pour out the milk and wash the children's pool. .

2, orange peel deodorant: clean the detergent, then put in fresh orange peel, rinse for about 3 to 4 hours.

3, toothpaste towel decontamination method: wipe with a toothpaste towel, you can remove stains.

The mainstream material of the acrylic swimming pool is made of acrylic material. Here, the acrylic high integration children's swimming pool is highlighted, which is suitable for use in home and children's swimming pools. The product is highly integrated, does not require a separate equipment room, and does not require floor draining. It is made of 15mm acrylic casting imported from Germany. (Simple acrylic panel children's swimming pool is made of an acrylic panel to soften and soften the plastic. The corners are even only a few tenths of a millimeter thick, and then reinforced with resin. Due to the aging of the resin, the acrylic panel is prone to cracking and water leakage. This kind of swimming pool solves the problem that the modular combined children's swimming pool is not integrated, and needs separate equipment to be used for heating. The water quality can not meet the requirements, water leakage is easy to occur, drainage needs to be grounded, and the floor load is increased, resulting in high risk. A series of questions.

Acrylic baby swimming pools cannot be placed in the same place as other organic solvents. It is even more inaccessible to organic solvents because it can be damaged when exposed to the surface of an acrylic swimming pool. Also, during the transportation of the acrylic swimming pool, the surface protective film or protective paper must not be rubbed. Because of the complexity of the transportation process, it is easy to affect the internal material of the acrylic swimming pool. Secondly, the use temperature of the acrylic swimming pool can not exceed 85 degrees Celsius, I believe this should be easy to do. Then there is only 1% soapy water when cleaning the acrylic swimming pool. Soak the soapy water with a soft cotton cloth. Do not rub or dry with a hard object. Otherwise, the surface of the acrylic swimming pool is prone to scratches. The thermal expansion coefficient of the acrylic swimming pool is relatively large, so it should be considered to reserve the expansion clearance due to temperature changes.