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Submarine aquarium
Submarine aquarium
Submarine aquarium

The long life method of acrylic fish tank :

When cleaning the surface of acrylic resin with dust, garbage, oil layer, etc., clean it with a soft cloth, flannel, sponge and clean water. At this time, dust and garbage may contain hard foreign matter. It is recommended to gently wipe it off before you wipe it. For dirt that is difficult to remove such as oil layers, it is recommended to wipe with warm water with a neutral detergent. Some neutral detergents contain solvents. Please confirm that they are free of solvents.

If it is difficult to remove dirt such as adhesive tape-type fixing glue, if a solvent such as toluene is used, cracking may occur, so do not use it. In addition, scraping with a scraper or the like can cause scratches and should be avoided. The longer the adhesive time of the tape, especially the paper tape, the harder it is to remove, so be careful not to attach it to the surface. Under normal circumstances, use a soft cloth to wipe off the warm water, you can remove the residual glue, when the adhesion is particularly tight, please apply the plastic cleaner on the cloth, gently wipe the surface and remove it.

When cleaning and maintaining acrylic products, do not use coarse cloth or old clothes that are no longer worn as a rag. The display cabinet should be wiped with a water-absorbent fabric such as a towel, cotton cloth, cotton fabric or flannel cloth. Old cloths with coarse cloth, wired heads, or stitches, buttons, etc., which will cause scratches on the exterior of cosmetic acrylic display cabinets, should be prevented as much as possible. To maintain the original brightness of the acrylic surface, be sure to determine if the rag is clean. After cleaning or wiping off dust, be sure to turn over or replace it with a clean cloth. Don't be lazy and repeatedly use the dirty side, this will only make the dirt repeatedly rub the surface of the product, but will damage the bright surface of the display.