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Submarine fish tank
Submarine fish tank
Submarine fish tank

The aquarium engineering museum extends its service life:

When the surface of the acrylic resin is eroded by a solvent, cracking sometimes occurs (fine cracks on the surface). In particular, when a large amount of a sulfonated hydrocarbon-based solvent containing toluene or various quick-drying diluents, an ester such as ethyl acetate, or a ketone solvent such as acetone is easily contacted, cracks are easily generated and large cracks may occur. Almost all solvents such as paints, coating agents, binders, and various primers contain these solvents, so care should be taken to avoid direct contact with the acrylic resin. In addition, if it comes into contact with the volatile gas of these solvents for a long time, cracks may also occur.

Acrylic resin has the property of being deformed after heating to 100 ° C or higher, so do not place it in an environment of 80 ° C or higher. Please pay full attention to avoid contact with welding sparks, cigarette butts, or illuminated lights in construction work, especially spotlights when taking photos or videos. Acrylic fish tank factory

When choosing a fish tank, you must consider the size and quality of the fish tank. The fish tank is the place where the fish live. Without a good living environment, it can't grow normally.

1. To understand the material of the aquarium and the production process of the aquarium, the thickness of the aquarium, the smoothness and roughness of the inner wall, the color and the beauty should also be considered. The conditions of heat absorption and heat dissipation, landing and vacating, warmth and temperature dissipation are also required. knew.

2, the difference between the acrylic fish tank and the ordinary fish tank is that the material of the fish tank is different, which means that the corrosion resistance and strength of the ordinary glass fish tank are not good in the acrylic fish tank, and there are defects in the weather conditions of the four seasons, in the sun exposure or this cold Under normal conditions, ordinary glass is more fragile, and if it collides, it will break down, and the fish tank will show its advantages.

3. This fish tank is not different from ordinary glass, and its transparency is very good. It is incomparable to ordinary fish tanks. The surface is transparent and bright, easy to watch, and it is versatile in molding. Therefore, the fish tank can be made into many The style is not easy to be deformed and is not easy to fade. The life of the fish tank is also very long, generally up to 10 years.

4. In the home, the fish tank will be moved, and most of the fish tanks are light in weight, and it is convenient to move, and it can provide the best growth environment for the fish.

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