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Acrylic office table and chair
Acrylic office table and chair
Acrylic office table and chair

The acrylic product processing display frame has the same result as the traditional acrylic. The reason why it is used to display the item is that it can make the item double the image, and one can be summarized: growth absorption. At the same time, its exposure is much higher than that of ordinary glass, which is impossible to compare with ordinary display frames.

A lot of display racks are also like this. Generally, valuable tools are carried out in different places. If you can express its price, Acrylic has become one of their choices. Ordinary display racks have the upper hand, but the cost is low, but it is convenient to remove and place than the acrylic display rack. At the same time, it allows people to recognize its elegance, make people respectful, and the current items are expensive, and it is difficult to be virtual. To distinguish, an expensive item is placed on an ordinary display rack. I believe that many people will not be careful and will not purchase it. And if you put it on the acrylic display stand, people will be careful.

Ordinary display racks are just some finished wood products or finished products of glass and plastics. In some stores, the ones that appear in the store are not elegant. Although it is not too careless to buy items, if they adopt the acrylic display rack, they can The emergence rate of large growth items can make one or more items appear in front of the purchaser, which can greatly increase the reputation and customer's desire to purchase.