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Aquarium large fish tank
Aquarium large fish tank
Aquarium large fish tank

What is the reinforcement of aquarium engineering ? How to strengthen? Many people don't know, but people who know want to reinforced because we know that the augmented aquarium is more stable, which will make it safer when decorating. The following companies will introduce you to several ways to reinforce the aquarium:

(1) Pulling force: One or more glass strips are horizontally attached to the middle of the upper part of the acrylic fish tank. The width is about 5 cm, and the front and rear walls of the fish tank are fixed to prevent cracking and opening deformation of the acrylic fish tank. It looks like the "sun" or "eyes" on the top of the aquarium.

(2) Upper sticker: A glass strip of about 5 cm is horizontally pasted on the four walls of the aquarium, about 10 cm from the upper opening, forming a vertical relationship with the wall of the aquarium to form a stable triangular structure to prevent deformation of the upper mouth. The top of the sticker is also often used to bond the puller.

(3) Internal reinforcement: Suitable for large acrylic cans. A strip of about 4 cm of glass is bonded at an angle between the two glasses to increase the bonding surface and tension.

(4) External reinforcement; the width of the glass strip on the outside of the joint between the front and rear walls of the acrylic fish tank and the crosshead is usually determined by the width of the decorative metal corner.

When cleaning and maintaining acrylic products, do not use coarse cloth or old clothes that are no longer worn as a rag. The display cabinet should be wiped with a water-absorbent fabric such as a towel, cotton cloth, cotton fabric or flannel cloth. Old cloths with coarse cloth, wired heads, or stitches, buttons, etc., which will cause scratches on the exterior of cosmetic acrylic display cabinets, should be prevented as much as possible. To maintain the original brightness of the acrylic surface, be sure to determine if the rag is clean. After cleaning or wiping off dust, be sure to turn over or replace it with a clean cloth. Don't be lazy and repeatedly use the dirty side, this will only make the dirt repeatedly rub the surface of the product, but will damage the bright surface of the display.