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Company name: Jiangsu Shanhu Acrylic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Company acrylic fish tank
Company acrylic fish tank
Company acrylic fish tank

Cleaning of the Aquarium Engineering Museum

1. Cleaning For general dust treatment, rinse with feather dust or water and then wipe with a soft cloth. If surface oil is disposed of, use a soft detergent to add water and scrub with a soft cloth.

2. Waxing

To make the product glamorous, use a liquid polishing wax and wipe it evenly with a soft cloth.

3. Adhesive If the product is inadvertently damaged, use IPS adhesive glue/adhesive methylene chloride adhesive or quick-drying agent.

4. If the product is scratched or the surface is not very worn, try using a polishing machine (or car waxing machine) to install the cloth wheel, and apply a proper amount of liquid polishing wax to improve the uniform light.

High-end positioning of aquarium engineering must have a basis for quality materials

Improve the comprehensive understanding of aquarium engineering construction, rational design according to different specifications, different scales, different construction standards and display objectives, give full play to the practical functional characteristics of acrylic materials, and accurately position the environment together with the overall environment. It is the basic strength that a professional water house must have, and in this case, it must ensure that its good function has more basic standards of practicality and quality, and also reflects strong technical strength, so manufacturers can customize Service is still a very good choice.

Focus on quality, focus on style, pay attention to the effect of display, but also pay attention to the standard of aesthetics and durability. Aquarium engineering is an important performance of the wide application of acrylic materials, and it is good in the practice of practical management and business application. The functional basis and practical features have extremely important important styles and standard characteristics. In the actual production, they have a very good technical strength level, which guarantees the most professional advantage of individual needs. Satisfaction also reflects its comprehensive technical level.

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