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Rectangular fish tank
Rectangular fish tank
Rectangular fish tank

When choosing a fish tank, we must consider the size and quality of the fish tank . The acrylic fish tank is very suitable. The fish tank is the place where the fish live. Without a good living environment, it can't grow normally. So you need to know how to buy the fish tank. Precautions can help you raise fish.

1. To understand the material of the aquarium and the production process of the aquarium, the thickness of the aquarium, the smoothness and roughness of the inner wall, the color and the beauty should also be considered. The conditions of heat absorption and heat dissipation, landing and vacating, warmth and temperature dissipation are also required. knew.

2. The difference between a fish tank and an ordinary fish tank is that the material of the fish tank is different. That is to say, the corrosion resistance and strength of the ordinary glass fish tank are not good in the aquarium, and there are defects in the weather conditions of the four seasons, in the case of exposure or cold conditions. Ordinary glass is more fragile, and if it collides, it will break, and the fish tank will show its advantages.