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Large plate
Large plate
Large plate

Advantages (1) - good transparency and strong light transmission

Acrylic thick plate custom transparency, light transmission is very good, can be more than 92%, because the production process in the production process can ensure the transparency and whiteness of the board.

Advantages (2) - easy maintenance, strong plasticity

Acrylic sheet is easy to maintain and easy to clean. If it is rain, it can be cleaned by itself or cleaned with soap and soft cloth. In addition, the acrylic sheet has strong plasticity, and its shape changes greatly, making it easy to process.

Advantages (3) - strong impact resistance, rich colors

Acrylic door panels have strong impact resistance, generally sixteen times that of ordinary glass. They are especially suitable for installation in areas where safety is required. In addition, the color is rich and colorful, and other materials cannot be used for beauty. Because of its wide variety, and has excellent comprehensive performance.

Acrylic board defects

Acrylic countertops have relatively low hardness, so their heat resistance is poor, they can not be exposed to overheated objects for a long time, and their elongation is also low, which means that it may cause chipping and deformation, during use, because The color is also not stable enough, which may cause hair growth and the like.

The light transmittance is over 92%, and the acrylic board colored with dye has a good color development effect. In addition, the acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss, and good high temperature resistance. . Acrylic sheets have good processing properties and can be divided into casting type and extrusion type according to the production process. Both thermoforming (including molding, blow molding, and vacuum blistering) can be used, as well as mechanical processing such as drilling, turning, washing, cutting, and the like. Micro-computer controlled mechanical cutting and engraving not only greatly improve the processing accuracy, but also create more beautiful patterns and shapes than the traditional way. In addition, the acrylic sheet can be laser-cut and laser-engraved to produce strange products.